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Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bin TRANSLUCENT

Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins Translucent
Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins Translucent and RedHeavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins with Penny Rolls

These Storage bins come in either “Ryedale Red” or Natural (translucent clear).  As shown. They can hold around $85 in rolled coin, and as long as you can pick up this amount, these bins will hold the load.  I can stand on these bins and they do not crack or fail…try that with a store bought bin.  There are many imaginable uses.  These can be used as sort bins to process your coins.   They are stackable and work great around the shop for heavy items including hand tools, tooling for machinery, and general storage, but are wonderful for copper storage.  You can loose fill or stand rolled coin on end, and then stack them up to 5 high. You can pick them up and feel confident they will not break.   

Price: $12.00
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