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WIHA Precision Screwdriver Slotted tip 2.0 x 40MM Perfect for sensitivity adjustment on the Ryedale Sorter™ Click for Details

WIHA GERMAN Screwdriver Precision Slotted 2.0 x 40MM
SKU: WIHA 26020

WIHA fine German made Instrument screwdriver.      Screwdriver Precision Slotted 2.0 x 40MM

WIHA is known for making some of the finest hand tools in the world,

This little instrument screwdriver is perfect for making adjustments to the sensitivity potentiometer on your Ryedale Sorter™.

It fits in the potentiometer just right and gives you the precision control needed to fine tune the unit.  Spinning red end cap makes it easy to hold the screwdriver while using your fingertips to spin the main handle.


Price: $10.00
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