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Sorting Machines

Sorting Machines

Model 300-AL the Apprentice Legend Sorter

The Apprentice Legend is the latest model semi-automatic coin sorter in the Ryedale line.  It sorts pennies (cents) or nickels at over 300 coins per minute with very high accuracy.  When properly set up to accept copper alloy cents, the accepted coins will be 99.7% pure.  This means that after accumulating 10,000 pennies, the contamination rate is very low; approximately 30 coins or less will be of the zinc variety.  This can be further reduced by sensitivity adjustments. See the FAQ’s Section for more detail.

The 300-AL is a durable field proven unit with a newly updated power management circuit board to make operation easy and parts replacement a snap.  With continuous improvements since its release in 2006, the machine has developed a following and reputation with its users as the leader in the heavy hobbyist, to light commercial use arena.  Some machines have been reported to have over 10,000,000 coins through them, and with normal replacement parts and proper care and service, they can last for a very long time. 

Apprentice Legacy Sorter 300-AL      $700

The 300-AL was developed primarily for penny sorting, but has had good success as a Nickel sorting machine as well. In Canada the nickels were made with pure nickel through 1981, and the Ryedale succeeds at accurately sorting these as well. It is also heavily used for separating Canadian copper alloy cents from the other zinc and even the steel coins.   There is no real need to sort nickels in the US… yet, but with the anticipated changes in coin alloys, we are hopeful the Ryedale will effectively sort the new variety from our Copper/Nickel alloy 5 cent coins. 


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Ryedale Coin Apprentice Legacy Sorter 300-AL

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