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Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

 Feed Wheel

Feed Wheel              $15

The feed wheel is molded with a tough polycarbonate resin.  It’s one of the toughest plastics available.  When a machine is properly used and cleaned the wheel will last between 500,000 and 1,000,000 coins.  This is $5000 to $10,000 dollars worth of pennies.  Some users have been able to make their wheels last well beyond this number.   The symptoms of a worn out wheel are that it allows pennies to double up under the wheel, causing the feeder to “labor” and can wear out the hopper motor prematurely.     A wheel is a good spare part to have on the shelf in case it shows signs of wearing by doubling coins, especially if you are going to do a large sort quantity on a weekend. 

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 Coin Cup

Coin Cup         $15

The Coin Cup is mounted on the base feeder motor unit.  It is an integral part of the feeder and must be present to properly sort coins.  Coin Cups are a normal wear and tear part, just like the feed wheel. You can remove your coin cup by pressing down the red square slider tab on the left of your machine, and then push the coin cup “uphill” on the chrome lugs that hold it in place.  It will then come off for  inspection.   If after installing a new wheel you still are experiencing doubling coins under the feed wheel, you probably need a coin cup too.  Look on the bottom of the coin cup, note where the feed wheel slides against the coin cup, there will be a small witness line, or groove that is present.  If it is too deep, even with a new wheel it allows the wheel to tilt enough to double up coins.  Replace the Coin Cup.  

Coin Cups wear out on a ratio of about 1 to 2,    1 cup per 2 feed wheels.  

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 Insert Plate for Penny Nickel

Insert Plate for Penny Nickel   $10

If after you lubricate your SnP assembly as described in the manual, you still think the coins look a little lazy or slow coming out of the feeder, you may want to inspect your Insert Plate.
It is located under the coin bridge and coin cup.  It’s a small plastic part with a wrap of Stainless Steel. 

It is located at the downhill side of the coin exit port on the feeder.   Inspect the end of it for wear or where it looks like it’s dimpled or caved in on the tip where the coins pound on it as they feed out.  If you see wear, a dimple or have run millions of coins through your machine, it may be time to replace this part.

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