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Comments from recent customers of the new 300-AL machine:

“Wow. This thing is fast. I could hardly keep up with it. I dumped two rolls into it, turned it on and started cracking and dumping into the hopper as fast as I could. At the end of the box there were maybe 60 coins still in the hopper. 5 stars to Andy for such a great design on a simple idea.”


“Ran a stop watch for a box. 7:52.7 for 2500 pennies. Works out to a hair over 19,000 an hour. This thing is a rocket on my desk.


“I haven't been so fascinated with a device since I bought a turn-of-the-century (the LAST one) Parke-Davis encapsulator twenty years ago. The encapsulator made more impressive noises, but man, this Ryedale rocks. After work Friday I brought home nine boxes, sorted them all, then returned $150 in zincs this morning (yeah--on a Saturday!). One of my favorite tellers said--I swear--"So you want six boxes?" Sorted those when I got back home. Simply an amazing machine….”


“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Your machine rocks. I could not be happier with it. I just wish that I had ordered one earlier. Thank you again!!


Hey Andy, I've received the new hopper, and so far it works like a dream. Thank you very much for such quick concise help. Now I'm back to sorting and my biggest problem is having enough pennies on hand. Thanks again!


"Hi Andy,
 Just wanted to say thanks! Received my machine and started using her already. Thanks for great service and a great product!" 

"Andy, I appreciate the quick ship.  Already notified from FedEx. I already ordered the Dri-Slide from Iron Braid."

HolyCow! This thing rocks!

 Andy, I'm blown away by this thing.  I can't fill it with rolled pennies fast enough to keep up with it.  I'm trying to find out if I can get bagged pennies instead of rolled, but geez--unbelievable.
I set the thing up, a bit of searching for where to plug in the power supply (by the switch--duh), put it on the edge of a workbench, put a little cart under it with a couple of bins, and add some pennies from a few rolls.
Right away, I'm certain something's wrong.  I'm getting 2/3 of the coins in the "copper" side.  That can't be right.
I grab a handful of those coins.  Yep, all 1982 or earlier.  That's strange.
I add another 10 rolls of pennies.  Most are falling in the copper side.  There's GOT to be something wrong.
Well, there isn't--it works amazingly.  It just turns out that in a bag of $50 in pennies (in rolls), I had a remarkable 69.9 percent of coppers.
I know I won't get that yield over time, but sheesh.
It's well-engineered, well put together, and works like a bandit. What's not to like?
Got to run--I've got another 180 rolls to break and feed the beast.  Now I need to figure out a faster way to get those pennies unrolled.  :)
Thanks again.

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