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Take Advantage of the Value of Copper Pennies

Take Advantage of the Value of Copper Pennies

Most people don’t stop to think about the value of copper pennies. First of all, most people assume that there isn’t any of kind of penny than a copper penny. Secondly, the value seems to be obvious: aren’t the value of copper pennies all one cent each?

The truth is that pennies made these days only have a thin copper coating, while pennies made before 1982 were made almost entirely of copper. Today, pennies are mostly made up of zinc, which not only weighs less but also has a lower value. This means that the value of copper pennies is actually greater than that of modern zinc pennies. And thanks to climbing copper prices in recent years, the value of copper pennies is actually much greater than their one cent face value.

This doesn’t mean that when you go to make a purchase that your copper pennies will be able to buy you more than what you originally thought. Instead, it means that the value of the metal in the penny is worth more than just one cent. That’s why so many people have started to collect pre-1982 copper pennies. By doing so, these individuals are able to amass a collection of copper that is worth much more than if the pennies were used on their own. The value of copper pennies, in this case, is much greater than one cent. In fact, it has the potential to grow year after year.

Want to cash in on this situation? If so, all you have to do is start looking for and saving pre-1982 pennies. Each one you collect can actually make you money. However, it’s important to remember that just a few of these won’t be worth much. If you really want to make money by saving these pennies, get a coin sorter than can sort through hundreds of pennies each minute. You’ll quickly have a stash worth quite a bit thanks to the rising value of copper pennies.
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