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How do I get loose bagged coins?

Acquiring loose bagged coins can be coupled with your coin pickups and returns.  Not all banking institutions are in favor of this, but if you secure a deal to buy loose bagged coins you will eliminate having to unwrap coins before sorting.  Any bank with a self service coin return machine, or a counter that the tellers use, produces $50 bags of loose coins.  Keep in mind, some models use a bulk box in the bottom of the machine, and you will not be able to buy loose bagged pennies from this style machine, as they are all mixed together, and in undefined/large quantities.   

To get these bags, simply ask if they are willing to sell you the $50 bags of pennies instead of sending them back with their armored service.  Suggest that it is easier for them to sell you the bag than to send it in, as they don’t need to do any fancy accounting and record keeping if you walk in with a $50 bill, and struggle out with the coins.  Some banks are happy to do this, and some are not.  It’s a mystery to me why they oppose doing this, but perhaps you can suggest you really like to go through them for Wheats.  

Be sure that unless you have a really good relationship or special situation, that you ensure them you will not bring them back the zinc, and all you want to do is acquire the bagged coin.  

Usually your dump bank is not your buy bank, and vice versa.

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