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How do you break rolls open?

There are a couple types of wrapped coins out there, as well as a couple ways to open them efficiently.   The Ryedale un-wrapper has not been developed yet, probably will not be any time soon.  

First determine what type rolls you have, just like in the grocery store….”paper or plastic”

If you have plastic, you are going to be fighting an uphill battle; these little sleeves are much more difficult to open as compared to the paper.  I personally use a utility knife, and scribe the plastic, not necessarily cutting all the way through, but am very careful, if you cut your own finger, it will likely require stitches.  I wear cut resistant gloves while doing this.  Other methods include ripping off one end of the plastic where It goes around the last coin. Then pinching the roll as to start it to turn in the sleeve, and pinch through the end you ripped the plastic off.  Good luck and if you have any suggestions that are better, I may post your idea here.

If you have paper wrapped rolls, they can be difficult to crack and then get the coins out, as they are often times very tight in the paper.  
A method I use is to pierce through the tight paper ring, and ripping the ring off. Flip the roll and do the other end, then the coins just fall out of the paper.  
Starting with a small screwdriver, or a small knife, such as a little Swiss Army pocket knife (¼ by 1½ inch blade works great) you can push the knife blade outward and under the ring from the end of the roll. Then rotate slightly and finish by tearing the ring off, leaving the ring on the knife.   I will demonstrate this technique in a video here. 

If you have paper CWR (Customer Wrapped Rolls) with folded ends, you can simply unfold or use the same knife technique.  Others just bash the roll against the edge of a 5 gallon bucket and shake a couple times, and all the coins usually fall out. 

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