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How do I lubricate my SnP assembly?

I get customers that say, what’s the SnP assembly?  Well… it’s probably the most critical part of the Ryedale sorter, and requires a little dab of lubricant, about every $300 face in coin. New machines are tighter and may require lube a little more often.  When I get my machine off the shelf after it’s been sitting for a few days, I automatically remove the coin cup, and coin bridge, and apply just a drop of Dri-Slide to the SnP.  SnP stands for spring and Pawl assembly.  Watch these couple movies to understand why you need it, and how to apply it. 

Dirty SnP assembly  Maximize viewer to see text baloons.

Dirty/sticky SnP assembly with Coin Bridge removed. Maximize viewer to see text baloons

Lubricated SnP Ideal condition         Maximize the viewer to see text baloons.

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