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My machine is jamming, what do I do?

There are a couple things that can cause the machine to jam, consult your owners manual to learn the reasons why this might be happening.  Usually...jammed coins on the in-feed chute are caused by a dirty or sticky Spring and Pawl assembly.  This device helps to eject or throw the coins from the cube hopper. Watch the following four videos to understand the action and effect of the un-lubricated SnP and compare to the lubricated SnP.   

If your machine is jamming in the feeder, this can be caused by a worn out or dirty feed wheel.  Or by a bent coin, and possibly a "wrong denomination" coin.

Lubing your SnP assembly

Dirty SnP assembly  Maximize viewer to see text baloons.

Dirty/sticky SnP assembly with Coin Bridge removed. Maximize viewer to see text baloons

Lubricated SnP Ideal condition         Maximize the viewer to see text baloons.

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