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My machines stops intermittently… what’s going on?

There are reports of machines stopping intermittently when sorting.  Sometimes with heavy coin loads, as well as dirty coins, and especially bent coins, the machine will “labor” too much, which heats up the feeder circuitry, and it has a device that protects the unit from burning out.  This is a normal function of the machine, but if the frequency goes beyond what you feel is “normal” you can try a couple things.  

If you are experiencing this, first confirm there are no bent coins or doubled up coins in the hopper/feeder unit. Clean your feed wheel and you can also use a small amount of silicone spray (get it from a good hardware store) on the base unit under the wheel. This will decrease the drag.  If you continue to have trouble you may opt to send in your unit and an inspection and upgrade can help with this problem.  

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