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Welcome to the official Blog Page of the Ryedale Sorter™

Welcome to the official Blog Page of the Ryedale Sorter™


Welcome to the new and exciting world of penny sorting, and the home of Ryedale Coin and the Ryedale Sorter on the World Wide Web.

2011 has been a very exciting year…

The first thing we have is this exciting new website, which is far and away better than the old one.  It has been a challenge to do this web project, but well worth the effort.  This new site features many links to videos that will help Ryedale Sorter™ owners understand, operated, and do some general maintenance tasks to their machines.  It will also accommodate automatic ordering with a shopping cart. I’m sure there will never be a fully automated system and that is not my intent.  I want people to understand that if they purchase a Ryedale Sorter™, our company will stand behind the machine and support our customers, and strive to meet their expectations.

     In 2011, we have made some significant improvements on the Apprentice Ryedale Sorter™, and it now has a very nicely built Power management Board (PCB printed circuit board).  This interface takes power from the AC/DC wall transformer and distributes it to the components.  The nice Right Angle Rocker switch is located to the right, and switches power to the feeder unit, as well as supply full time power to the sensor.

    Originally the Apprentice wire harness had an integrated soldered together system and was manually built, taking 20 to 30 minutes per machine to build. It was very tedious.  In addition to the new board, Ryedale Coin now has two exciting machines in the production process, a “Wire cut-and-strip” machine, and a “Terminal Applicator Press".  These two machines have improved the harness building process greatly, and made all the wire harnesses turn out nearly identical.  This also makes the harness easily serviced and a snap to install. Occasionally the wire harness to the comparator will fray inside, but only after heavy use, so this improved harness process makes it easy for a Ryedale Sorter™ owner to simply replace his own harness without having to send it to me for repair.  All you have to do is unplug the damaged wire from the board and plug in the new one.  I am still willing to service machines that are sent in, but this improvement makes it faster, less expensive, and much more convenient for the owner of the machine.


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